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Children can never be self-sufficient. There are new needs occurring all the time, new projects and new ideas. India has been generous in the past and Tibetans are productive citizens, but remember there is no social welfare in India. Now, after nearly fifty years, there are approx. 120,000 Tibetans in exile in the Indian/Nepal/ Bhutan areas.

It must be remembered also, that much of the success of TFG is due to the response from the Tibetans we help. They are always grateful and never seem to need the same help twice – they do something with what they are given. Through TFG sponsorships – and our sponsors come from all over Australia – many Tibetans have graduated, not only from school, but from University. Through TFG there are Tibetan nurses, teachers, musicians, IT workers. Many have found a new life in other countries as skilled citizens. In Australia many work in the field of community health.

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To sponsor a refugee or support a TFG project, please complete the form to the right. You will also need to make a personal or bank cheque payable to Tibetan Friendship Group Australia Inc and post it to us at:Tibetan Friendship Group Australia (Inc.)

PO Box 39, Gordon NSW  2072Alternatively, you may fill in the form to the right and contact us for an alternative payment option (credit card or direct deposit).Thank you so much for your help.