Lha currently seeks funds to ensure continued success of its grassroots ‘contact magazine’.

To further support its organizational objectives Lha Charitable Trust also offers Tibetans in exile a free press – Contact Magazine.

Contact, a grassroots monthly magazine in publication for over 14 years, is an important source of international and local news, information on Tibetan issues, upcoming events in Dharamsala, local resources and volunteer opportunities.

Contact is a registered and recognized by the Office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India, Ministry of Information and Broadcast, Government of India. The registration number of Contact is HPENG/2013/51798.

Most importantly, the magazine invites submissions from Tibetans, Indians, and foreign travelers, providing a platform which enables the community to share views and opinions in an open and creative way. For the Tibetan people living in exile, the magazine allows them to exercise the basic human right of freedom of speech.

The magazine is free and is available in a paper format, a digital on-line format, and on Facebook. Due to its diverse readership, Contact Magazine raises awareness of the multidimensional issues faced by the Tibetan people, both those living within their homeland, and in exile. You can visit the website at http://contactmagazine.net/.

Due to the popularity of Contact Magazine, Lha Charitable Trust seeks funding to increase the frequency of publication and expand its distribution. To establish further stability and continuity in quality, Lha also requests funding to hire a full-time manager, editor, reporter, publisher, and website staff member. With this support, Contact Magazine can offer greater opportunities for Tibetans in exile to participate in the self-expression which they were denied in their homeland.