Summary of Lha’s Health and Hygiene Services– Eye Testing Project

In September 2009, Lha took a small budget surplus and decided to implement a free eye testing program to all residents in Mcleod Ganj, both Tibetan refugees and the local Indian population. This decision was sparked by feedback from the refugee community, many of whom had complained of eye sight problems.

Through working in conjunction with a local eye doctor, who performed preliminary testing at Lha’s office, a doctor at Delek Hospital, who performed more detailed testing, and an optometrist, who prepared prescriptions for those who required glasses, Lha was able to provide prescription glasses to a total of 145 people in need.

Such was the demand for this new service, Lha’s budget ran out within a month. Those that had their eyes tested and received glasses were very happy with the outcome. Many wonderful comments were received about how much people’s lives had improved by having their poor vision corrected.

The overwhelming success of this program uncovered a need to offer this service to the community in an ongoing capacity. Lha is dedicated to looking for ways in which to raise enough funds to continue to offer its eye testing program for years to come.

Lha is hoping to raise funds of USD $3,500 in order to carry out its eye testing program on more local Tibetan and Indian people again in the near future. With this amount of money we will be able to fit approximately 200 people in need with high quality prescription glasses.