About us

tfg-about-usThe Tibetan Friendship Group (TFG) Australia (Inc) is a non-political voluntary organisation dedicated to supporting Tibetans who have fled their homeland to seek refuge in India. Our patron is His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The TFG has members from all over Australia. We have been assisting Tibetan communities to preserve their unique culture since 1969. With over 2,000 Tibetans continuing to flee Tibet … each year,there is an urgent need for the international community to continue to support Tibetan refugees.

The TFG raises funds for healthcare, education, cultural and religious institutions. Sponsorships are also provided for individual monks, nuns, children, older people and those with disabilities. Every cent of the donations and sponsorships received by TFG is sent directly to the project or the individual nominated by the sponsor. No money is ever deducted for administration or other expenses. That makes the TFG almost unique among support groups and charities.

Providing Healthcare for Tibetan Refugees

Among the many organisations that the TFG supports are three that provide essential health care services to Tibetan refugees in India. They are:

Delek Hospital, Dharamsala: Provides health care services to the local Tibetan and Indian communities, and free care to those in need. The hospital has a range of specialist clinics and community health services.

Torture Survivors Programme, Dharamsala: Provides health and welfare services to former political prisoners who have suffered torture and other traumatic experiences.

Gampopa Clinic, Darjeeling: Provides healthcare to a community of more than 60,000 people. The clinic is also involved in community health education.

Providing Education for Tibetan Children and Teenagers

unnamedOver the past decade increasing numbers of Tibetan children and adolescents have fled their homeland in order to obtain an appropriate education in Tibetan schools in exile.The sponsorship money is used to provide meals, housing, uniforms, medical care and access to religious and recreational opportunities for the students. TFG works in partnership with the following organisations to provide sponsorships for students:

Tibetan Children’s Village, Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration; Tibetan Homes Foundation, MussoorieSakya Centre, Rajpur; Drukpa Kargyud Association School, Darjeeling; Sakya Tibetan Society, Puruwala Village School.

Through the TFG, you can donate to any of these organisations or sponsor individual children, students, monks, nuns, older Tibetans or those with disabillities.